• genie: Open source MPEG-G codec [GitHub] [Poster]
  • GABAC: Genomics-oriented Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding [GitHub] [Poster]

FASTQ/SAM compression

  • AFRESh: an adaptive framework for compression of reads and assembled sequences with random access functionality [GitHub] [Paper]
  • AliCo: A New Efficient Representation for SAM Files [GitHub] [Paper]
  • SPRING: a next-generation compressor for FASTQ data [GitHub] [Paper]
  • TSC: Predictive Coding of Aligned Next-Generation Sequencing Data [GitHub] [Paper]

Quality score compression

  • AQUa: an adaptive framework for compression of sequencing quality scores with random access functionality [GitHub] [Paper]
  • CALQ: compression of quality values of aligned sequencing data [GitHub] [Paper]
  • QScomp: A Two-level Scheme for Quality Score Compression [GitHub] [Paper]
  • QVZ: lossy compression of quality values [GitHub] [Paper]